Beds and Sleds

Natural sunlight bathing down with warming glow. Yes, this should already exist. We can only hope to help as many from Covid now and help the future. Yes, it should.

In the US, the largest concentration in Medicine holding the accolade “Most Ethical Company” resides in northern Ohio. It communities ravaged by numerous degrees of poverty, homelessness, suicide and an opioid epidemic have caused the concerned and skilled to tirelessly seek resolution while maintaining dignity.

So, Northern Ohio then.

A building, four entrances from the ground floor, for visits, lab, quarantine and general staff. First few levels for intake and beds. With quarantine wedge in between levels of labs. The key is not just bed quarantine. Not just stabilized review and recovery. Its motion, its action, its activity. To see the effect of living. Quarantine should include lounges, tread mills, stairs, weights. Varying levels of comfort and discomfort to both manage and view active levels of stress to bring faster real world operational activity and understanding. To baseline sickness under wraps, sickness immobile and sickness mobile. As well as recovery, recovered and immune.

Two additional levels, with real time community links, also wedge between lab and support floors; are Clinical and Operational.

One building, where all operations, procedures, treatments, cases, concerns and patterns are triaged in real time. Linked bidirectionally with state resources and the CDC / WHO. Medicine administered, treatment provided, care given and then monitored results. Essential now during a pandemic, yet thoroughly useful in containing and preventing future ones.

Imagine, without specific patient private details. A person undergoing an operation has a negative… or positive reaction to a procedure – pharmaceutical coupling – and thought results shared instantly. The potential to save lives and the potential to prevent harm.

Lastly. Beds and Sleds. This is the future.

Why the hell is Tesla building ventilators??? Dont we need electronic ambulances? Remove the engine and now we have the ability for the patient *on a sled, to slide forward right out of the front of the vehicle into the operating room. Imagine the time savings and reduction in complexity. If they build Helos, that would be the next step. Sleds that lower directly into the operating room, none of this hey lets get in the elevator and walk down a few halls since that so convenience. Helo lands, doors open, bay opens, lowers in patient, doors close. Patient is operated on. Seconds spared equals lives saved.

And now friends, we make progress.