The Numbers. The numbers tell the truth, they tell the tale of what was, what happened and what is the reaction to what occurred. Then can we move forward. To what is gone, what is left, what is needed, what is of use and what must be created.

The Perspective. Past strategies were to harness what was available by contribution of the whole that didnt always benefit the whole. Now to benefit the whole, first to implement what can be for all the to overlay past, developing and new strategies to allow benefit by many. So the goal becomes to remove the intermediaries on the way to success. And thus raise everyones potential.

The Gate. Gates swing wide, and allow a central access point. This needs to happen for coordination, organization and dissemination. Marketing, Labor, Commerce, Funding, Logistics, Support and Encouragement. Transparency into many areas inside the project, programs and efforts of the county to the country, through the city to state, to the nation to the world.

In this the most important number is the percentage of equitable balance. The maximum amount of externalization that can be performed with least amount of stress to the infrastructure, people and true commerce.