While there are many proposed steps forward there are few that will guide us toward prosperity than the first step of understanding. We must know in true transparent detail the state to which we have found ourselves in. As we need not obscure privacy, we allow some opaqueness there. We need the numbers.


A count of the present. Assets and Liabilities. What we have, what we owe, what we need. Food, Residential, Commercial, Trade, Local, Governmental, Public, Social, Academic. Resource, Resource and Resources. And lastly and most importantly, the Golden Ratio of how much we can concentrate on our nearest protections without losing the advantages of our closest neighbors.


After such a trying time communities will feel empty and stagnant. Members will fell disconnected and isolated. For activity to gain there should be solidarity of purpose. A promoted togetherness. That we can all survive as we contribute to that joint success. And without so much as one piece of confusion, assurance that all are included and have their own place. So that as we build, as we rebuild and as our strength starts to grow we find better ways to communicate, cope and achieve success. That greed and usury to do rule the day, no luxury for the sake of pretense. We see instead that purpose combines us, success unites us and as a Community we stand strong.

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