NYEve x 12

Technically, by use of private plane, coordinated group transport, vip passes and well synchronized watches, it would be possible to fly continual from one side of the globe back through time zones participating in multiple New Years Eve celebrations. Anticipating travel and revelry one could experience 10 to 12 New Years Eve celebrations.

The issue then becomes, besides the high cost of fuel, choice. Hong Kong and Singapore are on the same time zone, as are Milan and Paris, New York and Miami. So which celebration? Numbers item are brought into calculation, preference, access, attendees, hosts, activities, venue, location, language… the list goes on and on. The limit, even if resources are plentiful is time.

Everyone one with a watch, access to a digital clock or view of the sun can gauge time or the approximation of it. To plan for full lives, quality experiences, limited opportunities and overlapping engagements. A mechanism is needed. As we are a global world, a global mechanism.

A fully functional, interactive, dynamic, portable, open & secure Global Calendar. Non-browser specific, MULTI operating systems, regions, devices, languages, codes and yes integrations.

Therefore as we step into the world, we become engaged immediately in the wonder of experience. Where passion is our guide, and time now our friend.

The artist is the creator of beautiful things. To reveal art and conceal the artist is art’s aim. The critic is he who can translate into another manner or a new material his impression of beautiful things.