Flexible Spaces

Network of spaces designed for specific purposes to support community segments. Spaces for education, training, instruction, academic and scholarly purists; Study Campuses for students and teachers alike. Spaces for industry, business, partnership, commerce and entrepreneurial efforts, Work Rooms for employees and employers alike. Spaces for collaboration, invigoration, recuperation and growth; Flex Lounges for People in … More


From Imbalance to Covid to Black Lives Matter, multiple plaques cooperate to occupy humanity with misfortune, distrusts and even death. The solution can only be together. The solution can only be as one. For our communities, for our families, for labor, for health, for partnership, for growth, for balance, for humanity. It can only be … More

Space to Grow

There are 27 bones in each hand linked to 17 muscles. While there are algorithms to compute the possible combination the potential is nearly limitless. Like an open air science museum, and interactive explore park. Featuring a correlation of movement to purpose. Banging in tune makes a song. Jumping in place creates energy. Connection of … More

NYEve x 12

Technically, by use of private plane, coordinated group transport, vip passes and well synchronized watches, it would be possible to fly continual from one side of the globe back through time zones participating in multiple New Years Eve celebrations. Anticipating travel and revelry one could experience 10 to 12 New Years Eve celebrations. The issue … More


While there are many proposed steps forward there are few that will guide us toward prosperity than the first step of understanding. We must know in true transparent detail the state to which we have found ourselves in. As we need not obscure privacy, we allow some opaqueness there. We need the numbers. NUMBERS A … More

Beds and Sleds

Natural sunlight bathing down with warming glow. Yes, this should already exist. We can only hope to help as many from Covid now and help the future. Yes, it should. In the US, the largest concentration in Medicine holding the accolade “Most Ethical Company” resides in northern Ohio. It communities ravaged by numerous degrees of … More

Build it

Counter App – group privacy Yarbra – global tracking Folio – gate manager PostIt – Notes Official Labor – Labor Shortage MentalMetal – for us all 1000% – circus register Skillz – Skill Matrix TellHer – Paid Support MayB – child secure OurChild1st – Yellow Brick Road Kinetic – Powerful Gravity MiNde – My Blook … More

in order 1, 2 and 3

The Numbers. The numbers tell the truth, they tell the tale of what was, what happened and what is the reaction to what occurred. Then can we move forward. To what is gone, what is left, what is needed, what is of use and what must be created. The Perspective. Past strategies were to harness … More

FOr this we have a future after the surge. First NOtes

Tis is what is needed for the economy to recover. It becomes necessary to institute a plan that calls for new devices in the path of freedom and recovery. I suggest then in doing what we can go maximize the existing resources without reduction i productivity or co Merce. While this is not easy to … More

LeVa8 = { el ee vv ate}

Together, we can accomplish more. Together we can be more. Together we can guide, we can inspire, we can dream. We can also build, we can create, we can do. As we do together, we elevate ourselves, our community and our world. Let us LeVa8 together.


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