Thirty Year Plan

It is said in well known dialogue, any two points in modern history in a thirty gap are almost unrecognizable. When looking at this plan do we monetize it, understand it, translate it to today? All these reactions may be reasonable but it is from today that we are gauging this. What about tomorrow, or the day after.

Let us suppose something very different. Lets pretend that the economics, social impact, strategy, implementation and integration have all been agreed upon. Basically nothing is stopping us from making these changes today.

Lets look even further, to 60 years, to another 30 years after that. There are 5 basic questions that in 90 years would be incredibly unlikely to be exist.

  • Garbage
  • Black Outs
  • Floods
  • Famine
  • Junk Calls & Emails

Do we really believe that this earth and our communities can take 100 years more of garbage? With multiple power sources, systems and batteries is it really possible for large areas to not have electricity? Will the height of water continue to displace large populations of people? Will food scarcity continue to exists that some have none? In 100 years will devices not exist to verify callers and senders of email?

So ask we ask our selves these questions honestly, we realize that there is nothing stopping us from implementing them today, or yesterday. Except our own determination.

Progress is always possible.
Thereby we always shall always encourage more growth. The answer to that is collectively. Together. That we elevate our selves, our communities, our very lives, and thereby the world. That we untied, LEVA8 each other.

Flexible Spaces

Network of spaces designed for specific purposes to support community segments. Spaces for education, training, instruction, academic and scholarly purists; Study Campuses for students and teachers alike. Spaces for industry, business, partnership, commerce and entrepreneurial efforts, Work Rooms for employees and employers alike. Spaces for collaboration, invigoration, recuperation and growth; Flex Lounges for People in Need and Veterans alike. Safe, collaborative, inclusive. Free, with low cost services.


From Imbalance to Covid to Black Lives Matter, multiple plagues cooperate to occupy humanity with misfortune, distrusts and even death. The solution can only be together. The solution can only be as one.

For our communities, for our families, for labor, for health, for partnership, for growth, for balance, for humanity. It can only be together.

New Years Eve x24

Technically, by use of private plane, coordinated transport with passes and synchronized watches, it would be possible to fly continual from one side of the globe back through time zones participating in multiple New Years Eve celebrations. Anticipating travel and revelry one could experience 10 to 12 New Years Eve celebrations.

The issue then becomes, besides the fuel cost, is choice. There are more than one celebration per time zone, in some many. Hong Kong and Singapore are on the same time zone, as are Milan and Paris, New York and Miami. So which celebration? Numbers item are brought into calculation, preference, access, attendees, hosts, activities, venue, location, language… the list goes on and on. The limit, even if resources are plentiful is time.

Everyone one with a watch, access to a digital clock or view of the sun can gauge time or the approximation of it. To plan for full lives, quality experiences, limited opportunities and overlapping engagements, an accurate mechanism is needed. As we are a global world, a global mechanism.

A fully functional, interactive, dynamic, portable, open & secure Global Calendar. Non-browser specific, MULTI operating systems, regions, devices, languages, codes and yes integrations.

“Therefore as we step into the world, we become engaged immediately in the wonder of experience. Where passion is our guide, and time now our friend”. – LEVA8


While there are many proposed steps forward there are few that will guide us toward prosperity than the first step of understanding. We must know in true transparent detail the state to which we have found ourselves in. As we need not obscure privacy, we allow some opaqueness there. We need the numbers.


A count of the present. Assets and Liabilities. What we have, what we owe, what we need. Food, Residential, Commercial, Trade, Local, Governmental, Public, Social, Academic. Resource, Resource and Resources. And lastly and most importantly, the Golden Ratio of how much we can concentrate on our nearest protections without losing the advantages of our closest neighbors.


After such a trying time communities will feel empty and stagnant. Members will fell disconnected and isolated. For activity to gain there should be solidarity of purpose. A promoted togetherness. That we can all survive as we contribute to that joint success. And without so much as one piece of confusion, assurance that all are included and have their own place. So that as we build, as we rebuild and as our strength starts to grow we find better ways to communicate, cope and achieve success. That greed and usury to do rule the day, no luxury for the sake of pretense. We see instead that purpose combines us, success unites us and as a Community we stand strong.

LeVa8 = { el ee vv ate}

Together, we can accomplish more. Together we can be more. Together we can guide, we can inspire, we can dream. We can also build, we can create, we can do.

As we do together, we elevate ourselves, our community and our world.

Let us LeVa8 together.