Flexible Spaces

Network of spaces designed for specific purposes to support community segments. Spaces for education, training, instruction, academic and scholarly purists; Study Campuses for students and teachers alike. Spaces for industry, business, partnership, commerce and entrepreneurial efforts, Work Rooms for employees and employers alike. Spaces for collaboration, invigoration, recuperation and growth; Flex Lounges for People in Need and Veterans alike. Safe, collaborative, inclusive. Free, with low cost services.


From Imbalance to Covid to Black Lives Matter, multiple plaques cooperate to occupy humanity with misfortune, distrusts and even death. The solution can only be together. The solution can only be as one.

For our communities, for our families, for labor, for health, for partnership, for growth, for balance, for humanity. It can only be together.

Space to Grow

There are 27 bones in each hand linked to 17 muscles. While there are algorithms to compute the possible combination the potential is nearly limitless. Like an open air science museum, and interactive explore park. Featuring a correlation of movement to purpose. Banging in tune makes a song. Jumping in place creates energy. Connection of activity to purpose. And measuring affinity to it. Full fledged open ended activity zone so youth, teens and adults alike. To learn and know, but ultimately define themselves. So even possible combination is not measured just the ones towards relevancy and success. Painting in a circle. Becomes artistic competency. Hammering a nail become tactile agility. And a bridge to learning, creates paths to future success.

NYEve x 12

Technically, by use of private plane, coordinated group transport, vip passes and well synchronized watches, it would be possible to fly continual from one side of the globe back through time zones participating in multiple New Years Eve celebrations. Anticipating travel and revelry one could experience 10 to 12 New Years Eve celebrations.

The issue then becomes, besides the high cost of fuel, choice. Hong Kong and Singapore are on the same time zone, as are Milan and Paris, New York and Miami. So which celebration? Numbers item are brought into calculation, preference, access, attendees, hosts, activities, venue, location, language… the list goes on and on. The limit, even if resources are plentiful is time.

Everyone one with a watch, access to a digital clock or view of the sun can gauge time or the approximation of it. To plan for full lives, quality experiences, limited opportunities and overlapping engagements. A mechanism is needed. As we are a global world, a global mechanism.

A fully functional, interactive, dynamic, portable, open & secure Global Calendar. Non-browser specific, MULTI operating systems, regions, devices, languages, codes and yes integrations.

Therefore as we step into the world, we become engaged immediately in the wonder of experience. Where passion is our guide, and time now our friend.

The artist is the creator of beautiful things. To reveal art and conceal the artist is art’s aim. The critic is he who can translate into another manner or a new material his impression of beautiful things.


While there are many proposed steps forward there are few that will guide us toward prosperity than the first step of understanding. We must know in true transparent detail the state to which we have found ourselves in. As we need not obscure privacy, we allow some opaqueness there. We need the numbers.


A count of the present. Assets and Liabilities. What we have, what we owe, what we need. Food, Residential, Commercial, Trade, Local, Governmental, Public, Social, Academic. Resource, Resource and Resources. And lastly and most importantly, the Golden Ratio of how much we can concentrate on our nearest protections without losing the advantages of our closest neighbors.


After such a trying time communities will feel empty and stagnant. Members will fell disconnected and isolated. For activity to gain there should be solidarity of purpose. A promoted togetherness. That we can all survive as we contribute to that joint success. And without so much as one piece of confusion, assurance that all are included and have their own place. So that as we build, as we rebuild and as our strength starts to grow we find better ways to communicate, cope and achieve success. That greed and usury to do rule the day, no luxury for the sake of pretense. We see instead that purpose combines us, success unites us and as a Community we stand strong.

Beds and Sleds

Natural sunlight bathing down with warming glow. Yes, this should already exist. We can only hope to help as many from Covid now and help the future. Yes, it should.

In the US, the largest concentration in Medicine holding the accolade “Most Ethical Company” resides in northern Ohio. It communities ravaged by numerous degrees of poverty, homelessness, suicide and an opioid epidemic have caused the concerned and skilled to tirelessly seek resolution while maintaining dignity.

So, Northern Ohio then.

A building, four entrances from the ground floor, for visits, lab, quarantine and general staff. First few levels for intake and beds. With quarantine wedge in between levels of labs. The key is not just bed quarantine. Not just stabilized review and recovery. Its motion, its action, its activity. To see the effect of living. Quarantine should include lounges, tread mills, stairs, weights. Varying levels of comfort and discomfort to both manage and view active levels of stress to bring faster real world operational activity and understanding. To baseline sickness under wraps, sickness immobile and sickness mobile. As well as recovery, recovered and immune.

Two additional levels, with real time community links, also wedge between lab and support floors; are Clinical and Operational.

One building, where all operations, procedures, treatments, cases, concerns and patterns are triaged in real time. Linked bidirectionally with state resources and the CDC / WHO. Medicine administered, treatment provided, care given and then monitored results. Essential now during a pandemic, yet thoroughly useful in containing and preventing future ones.

Imagine, without specific patient private details. A person undergoing an operation has a negative… or positive reaction to a procedure – pharmaceutical coupling – and thought results shared instantly. The potential to save lives and the potential to prevent harm.

Lastly. Beds and Sleds. This is the future.

Why the hell is Tesla building ventilators??? Dont we need electronic ambulances? Remove the engine and now we have the ability for the patient *on a sled, to slide forward right out of the front of the vehicle into the operating room. Imagine the time savings and reduction in complexity. If they build Helos, that would be the next step. Sleds that lower directly into the operating room, none of this hey lets get in the elevator and walk down a few halls since that so convenience. Helo lands, doors open, bay opens, lowers in patient, doors close. Patient is operated on. Seconds spared equals lives saved.

And now friends, we make progress.

Build it

Counter App – group privacy

Yarbra – global tracking

Folio – gate manager

PostIt – Notes Official

Labor – Labor Shortage

MentalMetal – for us all

1000% – circus register

Skillz – Skill Matrix

TellHer – Paid Support

MayB – child secure

OurChild1st – Yellow Brick Road

Kinetic – Powerful Gravity

MiNde – My Blook

Radiate – Chat o Meter

Customize Your Life

WondeRoUS – joyful outstanding experiences

Clamifiy – calamity planning

Tennis Ball – Bounce Back Economy

Water Tower Yoga – flexible spaces

Last but not least:

Orka Bowling – innovation guild lanes (real ones)

in order 1, 2 and 3

The Numbers. The numbers tell the truth, they tell the tale of what was, what happened and what is the reaction to what occurred. Then can we move forward. To what is gone, what is left, what is needed, what is of use and what must be created.

The Perspective. Past strategies were to harness what was available by contribution of the whole that didnt always benefit the whole. Now to benefit the whole, first to implement what can be for all the to overlay past, developing and new strategies to allow benefit by many. So the goal becomes to remove the intermediaries on the way to success. And thus raise everyones potential.

The Gate. Gates swing wide, and allow a central access point. This needs to happen for coordination, organization and dissemination. Marketing, Labor, Commerce, Funding, Logistics, Support and Encouragement. Transparency into many areas inside the project, programs and efforts of the county to the country, through the city to state, to the nation to the world.

In this the most important number is the percentage of equitable balance. The maximum amount of externalization that can be performed with least amount of stress to the infrastructure, people and true commerce.

FOr this we have a future after the surge. First NOtes

Tis is what is needed for the economy to recover. It becomes necessary to institute a plan that calls for new devices in the path of freedom and recovery. I suggest then in doing what we can go maximize the existing resources without reduction i productivity or co Merce. While this is not easy to do alone I be’ive it is achieve in a series of steps with most energetic I implementation.

Biodiesel processing facilities. Churn with wind turbines sun to hest grzvity go mix pressurex to boost turning of motor power ghrn to burn which spins to battery cells.

Low carbon foot print creates disposable pee, also utilized for bio processing in plants agro paintimg maintenance cooking medicine food prep. Shells to be. Rush and grind.

Apps to conne g generate and expand. Veternas Law Medic Fire 1st responders free. Co panies pay to ad ertise use to seRch. Barter and trade platform. Part time gigs. Number 1 growth economy the colle tion and expansion of real world vocational translation. Apps go co ne t.

Global Time. GloTeYarba yarba. Localkzed. Globl industrial. Converge and olle t t. Real time Tra king and confirmation. Points Tobe membership by inclusion. Points for attendance vocab. Locational historic irs and postazl colle tio s and control.attendance and edu Tion translation

Number 1 growth industry on the job off time extended vocTional translation.

Equiminity use of genetics demographics ethnics religiojs tonbalnce out equation. Fu,, tranarent y

Unit system of tracking per city. ;inks fo clinicL medicne and operTions,/logisgi al logistical operations command center. Four enterances, quardngine zones.. Stagnant and a givity. Labs and processing. Antibodies and malnourished.bodies. Seemly by posthumous preservation and living ofganices.

Widenghe net of growth. Expandedopporgunies

Build communities.

Tower of stores/ hotel. Overnight guest areea. ll citizens be in padg. Sell slash grade poit s in different levels for performn e anx efforg and worth ethic. Alogortighmic accou ting. Diverse remote objecgi e processing

Bild new communities

Build nugtriiet Zones…. 10 mil tomemp.oyees

Build residential commj ities….CONNE TED !!!!!

Gamification of life

Tasks work

Apps software designed for use

City of. Mobility.. WTerways street trams.. Busses. Help ports, coatal water way. Escapade mezzanine ability to conne t on vRying levels.

Socialtiy on levels of residence commj igies of Connie tions. D neighbors.

Tax incentives. Blue jeans for workers. Build machines.customizex laundry.

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Introduce LeVa8

So we may be better,
better together.

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