Lakeside Tomorrow


The highway curved along the shore following the lakeside for miles, eventually fading into the distance unseen. Rising high stood the Observation Tower, to commemorate services from the medical, military and veteran communities. Its plaque “Hero’s Stand Tall” was large enough to see from afar. Wrapping lazily at its feet, through parks and around building was the world’s longest boardwalk connecting the Great Lakes of the region. Over this were several glass overpasses some for pedestrians and others autos.  

It was on one of these auto lanes that she rode with her family, nose pressed against the glass eager to join the excitement below. The observation tower with its huge telescope in the center was sponsored by NASA to encourage visitors to fall in love with the stars. She had already signed up for the tower and flight simulator, when complete would get to enter her name in the United States Pilots Command registry. She already picked out a call sign “Rose Falcon”, her favorite flower and favorite bird, naturally!

Her iPhone chimed and pinged and popped. All sounds that delighted her, since it meant they had arrived, the hotel was ready, tickets were active and the Agenda of Adventure had begun.

The orchestra of confirmation guided them through the doors with fellow adventurers. For a moment the expanse of the arrival terminal brought them to momentary shock. The Million Moving Parts building housed the hotel, mall, theme park, multi-level Park, zoo and aquarium. And all Arrivals. “Wow”, in a rare moment of family agreement.

Onscreen their previously chosen purple leopard named “Altruism” was leading the way. Altruism, like all animals, locations and venues had positive names to instill an uplifting, dynamic experience for all.

They passed the assembly line demo of American cars and trucks being made, the Lego reproduction of the Chicago skyline, how tires are made, NASA rockets to space launch pad, Sherman Williams paint with color alcove, Cedar Points large and small working rollercoasters, huge brewery vats, several sport team walls displays, even a miniaturized version of the waterfront complete with moving monorail and boats. While they walked, if slowly, following the matching floor and wall arrows that Altruism was happy to usher. It was around the corner they turned and came full stop.  

In front of them standing 9 stories tall was an icecream mixer that was raining rainbow sprinkles onto the frozen mountain below. Seeing them stop, Altruism suggested “Maybe we can get some ice-cream later”? Nods in silent agreement, and they refocused on the journey ahead. Room first, win prize, fly jet, eat ice-cream, she thought – in that order.

So, toward the room they went. After a long day they all sat together at the table, eating their pre-selected menu watching the street below. Now empty it would soon come alive with row after row of dancing, marching, singing, playing, laughing, twirling sounds and colors. As the nightly parade went by signaling an end to the day’s festivities.

Everyone sat up a little bit straighter as the Veteran of Past went by, followed by the Veterans of New. Subconsciously feet began to mimic the marching, stepping, calling cadence. Soon the lights from the fireworks and festivities faded into the night. Soon replaced by the dance of MiniBus’s returning everyone to their homes and hotels. Those who traveled from afar jumped on the one of the monorails traveling 50 miles up and down, perpendicular to the boardwalk. As the streets emptied the final businesses came along as the Community Union of workers and volunteers all in peach work suits came in to reset the streets and roads for the following day.

She settled into her bed staring out across the water splashing against the lake side village below. The AHV monorail know for its bright yellow color came spinning down the track slowing near the platform. Neighbors waiting to jump on to line culminating at the Aleutian Housing Village, a diversified, new living community. She watched the passengers board and the monorail depart slowing gaining speed. It ran past the Giant Bear, under the tower, past the park, past the pier, past the marina, past the Bryant Memorial Heliport, past the circus town, past the NASA ship, and on and on. Watching as she slowly entered dream land, her thought of the fun in tomorrow. She was smiling all the way.


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