Oceanside Tomorrow


It was for the briefest of moments the cloud paused behind the sun, only to wave once again to the visitors that came daily to appreciate its glow. The Pacific Coast Highway was today, as most days full with tourists and commuters all eager to enjoy their time in the pleasant sun. It was just about time for third transition of the day when the Universal Daycare’s spring open their doors releasing throngs of children and young teens ready to dip their feet in the cool water, turn about in the sand or gaze longingly toward the setting sun.

The freshly paved streets seemed to glow under the legions of commuters as the urged along traffic, with them in it. Soon the school year would end and the summer would officially begin, bringing a new organized chaos of motion. Some eager for a few moments before camps and programs begun. Others, ready or not, would be starting their 5 weeks at the camp of their choice, to begin the official doctrinarian into the Patriots Alliance. Those with exceptional planning and optimistic hopes, carefully outlined their itinerary of travel, adventure and voluntarism down to the second using the Globo Calendar as a guide. Some were just as happy to ease into a few weeks of inactivity and low stress.

Yet as schools wound down their curriculum, delivering tests and diplomas, for many organization it was time to shine. Posters, billboard, buses, magazines and every type of multi-media pushing sponsored content to win over the excited and cautious alike. This was also the Posting Offices busiest time as thousands coordinated last minute changes and updates for a carefree summer. All in all the influencers were gathered around open offices and lounges nationwide in planning to gain access to the subconscious subroutines of Americans that were normally overwhelmed by work or school tasks. Influencers ready to influence, coordinators to collaborate, planners to schedule. But first the meetings. And since families needs changed so much labor accommodate, which set another chair reaction on job boards hosting opportunities, roles and double time, for anyone with free half schedules.

So summer became the official time to adventure outside with focus on growth inside. With life by the ocean side beating in tune. Classes for beach yoga, sunset meditation, sunrise painting, dawn photography, twilight star gazing. The list goes on and on, diagramed online which part of the Pacific Coast offered which and when. Best places for dolphin viewing, night snorkeling, beginners surfing, etc. etc. The over 200 festivals, parades and event competitions packed the hotels, ports and piers. And flowing through it all was the warm, calm, not humid California breeze.

Somewhere abandoned an iPhone beeped, a laptop closed, a email went unanswered. This is beach life, right by on the ocean side, here it is how it should be.
When life is good.


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