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Welcome to the portfolio website with a tour guide to help Elevate Your Life.

Rock formations, Argentina.

What is life but a series of investments. Investments in time, energy, growing, developing, interacting. Just Living.

Among ten billion sets of ten billion stars we find our focus more narrowly on navigating the landscape of progress to our own destiny under the watchful gaze of the cosmos; both amused & indifferent to our plight. Yet still hope, courage, compassion and kindness find new reasons to live each day.

Can we as travelers then hope to illuminate the light of our own uniqueness while absorbing what positives found along the way.
In consideration of technological, mechanical, electrical, spiritual, educational, biological and metaphysical I hope to add this to your visual and informational diorama. Thus through many tools, much effort, right concentration, sincere focus and a pinch of humanity, may you elevate your life. May LEVA8 help you do just that.

life explored

Elevate Your Life. Progress on life’s journey toward the amazing achievement of sharing your uniqueness with the world.

Pier Lake Superior


Mt Fuji, Japan


Nature Garden Lake


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