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“It is by the joining others in activation of our deepest beliefs in the nobility of humanity and the core struggle to gain perspective on that Journey.” – Author.

Grow & elevate with 15 million Jobs:

One Global Calendar

A single multi-threaded, multi-code, multi-dimensional interface to historical, scheduled and future events seamlessly presented across the globe by genre, industry, lifestyle and locale.

Families First

To ensure children have food, daycare, medical care and unbiased support.

A series of programs designed to focus directly on the health, welfare and positive development of all children regardless of circumstance. Each child enrolled and registered, provided with the option therefore can engage at when and if needed.

Growth Chart
A continuous collection of activity, cataloged to well-being and success. Programs to support and enable advancement.

Safe Areas
Rotating Officers posted in heavy traffic areas; Libraries, Ports, Parks, Malls, Gyms, Schools, Child and Patient Care.

Universal Day Care
24/7 Medical and Security Provided, Tiers for First Responders and Gov, Community and Public Good.

Community Collaboration

Individuals work in teams to enhance community life and sustainability.

A partnership with community members, organizations, business and local/federal government to ensure that the needs of the community are met – according to the needs of the community not boil plate mechanics of service.

Clean Earth
Spare parts, furniture, junk autos, trash, old and abandoned items are recycled by manual or mechanical means.

Volunteer Balloza
Each week, year round another charity, arts, needs or eco-friendly project has volunteers sponsor nationwide.

Zero Deficit
Leaders, Influencers and Activists foster continual over view to simplify, delegate and employ community support.

Empowered Ecosystem

Everyone is encouraged to develop, grow and participate in the economy.

Enabling, empowering and uplifting all members of society with access to resources to secure a future, manage a future and determine how that future should be structured, Advanced Citizenship.

Always Work
National database of job skills, always paid, compensation conveys performance, project and deliverables.

Individual Economists
100% of taxes paid:
25% allocated to nation, ,
25% projected to funds,
25% elected to officials,
25% selected by citizens.

Post(ing) Office
All Official government issued Citizen ID card, Email, online storage, storage, address history.
Cases/file history untied.

Linked Living

Mobile cloud power leveraged to maximize safety and abilities.

Leverage the ability of technology to increase the collaboration, interaction and safety of individuals by providing a backbone that maintains a sustainable quality of living while expanding opportunities for engagement.

Linked Communities
Industry, Accademia, Art, Topic, Hobby, Profession, Sports, Home Towns have dynamic links to community engagement.

Support Apps
Standard pre-installed applications on All devices to provide immediate support for actual problem.

Watches Watch
Bracelets, wrist watches, Necklaces, Rings, Chips designed to enable access and health; in emergency locations.

Patriots Alliance

Complete program to reach every Veteran and expand patriotism to all Americans.

A blanket commitment to connect active issues, Veterans and their families with an organized network of resources, guidance and management to provide final resolution and improved Veteran well being.

Right Shoulder Arms Military, Justice and Law Enforcement Officers all turn in 100% of firearms. Re-issued arms for life, if stressed goes to range.

5 Weeks of Patriotism
Multi-unit boot camp for teens to learn practices, physical/mental fitness, review opportunities for Military, Gov and NGOs.

1000% Veteran Circus
Medical & Dental, Fitness & Lifestyle, Legal/Admin. Veterans and VSO Staff resolve issues, each Vet sponsors 10 individuals.

Safety Support

Enforcement evolution with new procedures, high protection and tech support.

Law Enforcement modernization; reduction of manual personnel operations, advanced technology devices and systems and protocols that support continual escalation on scene events.

Connected Autos
Hardened glass, remote stop, alerts, emergency mode, distress beacons. Advanced measures for safety and protection.

Drones Zones
Emergencies, storms, accidents, traffic flow, evacuations, incidents overwatch drones, can carry medial supplies.

Stop & Pass
Deescalate then take a photo with ID, require check in to Desk Sgt. within 24 hours. Zero intimidation or harm.

Strength Systems

To be, to become, to better, where it all comes together.

Channels to develop athletic, academic, professional, vocational rehabilitation and social opportunities with clear measures for performance, achievement and advancement.

Gold Star Athletics
All Star, Olympian, Gold Medalist and Champions round robin National circuit of new world class gym and athletic centers.

Barter Barber Banker
Organized network for cross training, sales, peer review, lateral moves, advancement, promotion and understanding.

Three Camps
Each state maintains 3+ camps to retransition people and families into homes and jobs. Paid work and skills training.



Determine that a things can and shall be done, and we shall find a way.


What Tomorrow would look like


Pacific Coast cities, hills, highways and cities famous for bright sun and golden dreams.

Oceanside Tomorrow


Along Great Lakes and Rivers these cities and town are large, small and all things.

Lakeside Tomorrow


Highway 95 connects some of the largest cities in the US, both in population and impact.

Curbside Tomorrow



Progress in building tomorrow with the blocks of innovation, inclusion and ethical humanitarianism


United as a Nation in our goal to deliver a prosperous future to our descendants and the world


Together as a community to create an alliance to support economic and social opportunities

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